This year LA does it again. Reinventing itself with a program that differ completely to former editions. Mixing artists of different generations, high tech with no tech, conceptual with visual, sound with silence. Lesser known artists with international stars, yes LA 7 has it all. "It is always an enormous pleasure" says LA's curator Jonas Stampe, "to be able to present so many great artists from so many different cultures and backgrounds. It is just a tremendous feeling to see all this creativity get together here in Gothenburg".  

Indeed, LA 7 showcases artists from the United States, India, China, Egypt, Spain, Ireland, Germany, the Netherlands and Canada. Whereas France is this years country of honour and will be represented by artists of a younger generation as well as the legend Joël Hubaut.

Live Action is an event that tries to stay authentic and simple in respect to the marketing principles of the mainstream. "We are really attached to the idea of 'human scale' and sees it as a principle for our declared will to bring out art with its inherent ideology of freedom to the people unfamiliar with contemporary art and even less so with  cutting edge media which is performance art. But we want to bring them a program that is history, with artists that are avant-garde, that goes beyond the mainstream majority, with works created that will inspire the audience. And which will be seen, one day, for what it is, as groundbreaking."

Monali Meher. Visiting Pearl. Guangzhou Live. 2011. © Guangzhou Live.