Philippe BOISNARD, France


Born in 1971. Lives and works in Paris and Angoulême.

Boisnard is an artist, poet, writer, and philosopher active on the French literary underground scene (JAVA, DOC(K)S, EvidenZ, Fusées). He is a contributor to the daily newspaper Libération, to Revue d'Esthétique and Le Philosophoire.

For more than 10 years he has been investigating the relationship between literature and specifically poetry and new media. He has in this research created specific internet performances like WAR(Z) ACTUALITE.

His main interest is to understand how far it is possible to give birth to a media democracy that would be able to get rid of any institutional or revolutionary hegemony in the field of political or social representations.

Since 2000, he has created poetic video performances that have been presented in many institutions, museums, festivals and art galleries such as : Centre Pompidou in Paris, Musée d’Art Moderne de St. Etienne, Musée d’Art Moderne de Strasbourg, L’Arsenal de Metz, Université d’Arras, Université de Dunkerque, Ecoles des Beaux-Arts, festival Norapolis (Metz), Ile / danse (Ajaccio), Passion d’Avril (Lille), Les instants video, Galerie Eof (Paris), Galerie Artcore (Paris), Galerie 9 (St Etienne) and Infr’Action – festival international d’art performance.

His activity as a video poet has been highligthed on many occasions in the French press like by Nova Magazine, Libération, and many other contemporary art magazines and periodicals).

He founded the award winning web site