Agnes Yit, Malaysia

Born in 1975, lives and works in London & Singapore.

Statement :

"As a constructive Artist and current pursuing a degree in Architecture, I am constantly trying to explore various aspects of expressions and experimentations in my works. Through Performance Art and Installation Art-Making, allows me to further express my thoughts & present the process of my work reflecting daily thoughts I gather through everyday experiences and thus this medium allows me to convey my thoughts to people in an instant ‘LIVE' situation which is spontaneously & interactively communicative. Bodily
communications seen through Performance Art actions are an important medium to  bridge the communication gap between different social standings, genders, beliefs, backgrounds, cultural & religion differences. I improvise as I performs, the underlying meaning of every gestures I made intend to transform from my original intentions while performing, and to derive to a level of spontaneous interactions between the audiences and me. I believe in making public performances to generate awareness to the public on social issues that are surrounding our life every single day. For me, Performance Art is a immediate & instant art-form that conveys one's thoughts and bridge communications almost at that instant of consciousness, through the Performers' expressions almost embracing all human senses in one instant.
I have always presented myself as a ‘constructive figure' trying to compromise to fit my goals alongside the implemented agenda of the country where I lived, Singapore. A feeling of constantly "living-at-the-edge" have always been felt within me while constantly trying to find a balance between social & work, between life and dreams, between reality and ideas, constantly identifying my center of control and to stay consciously aware to stay "awake" not asleep, in this globalize world we are living in today, where competitions are part & parcel of every second of one's waking moment.
I aim to question and seek truth. And consciously aware of social and cultural changes caused by implementations of change derived from a greater agenda behind the constantly changing economical structure, not within anyone's control. This constant execution of ambitious modifications introduced into our environment altered our way of life and train of thoughts, which we are once familiar with tends to be lost and be forgotten. I think that when contradictions arise and prior to surface, awareness is necessary and consciousness is essential.
As a constructive individual, I believe in dealing with issues directly which my daily work routine has allowed me to travel to places, sites and meeting people to have a better understanding of life as a whole, while I have consciously trying to connect with people & understanding our differences in terms of thoughts and beliefs generated from difference cultural backgrounds & social practices. We are often required to "conform" ourselves and "perform" daily roles not usually understanding our priorities in this life we have living in today. While both tolerance and freedom of speech are necessary factors to give respect to social rights & ethics, I believe openness in thoughts & speeches can eliminate tensions when communicating. I questioned many things ; "Do we want to be conformed?", "Do we need the change?", "Can we afford not to be conformed?", "Can we afford not to change?" The duality of society is necessary, as I feel that a changing society brings about progression which is necessarily a desired move for every society, while a stagnant society retains & cherish conventions and traditions, both are as important. I questioned the hierarchical formations in a society, the various discriminations, nationalities divide, race & citizenship differences and class statues of people of whom some are slaves to the privileged. I questioned the effects of economical changes, "Didn't it affect the nation as a whole; Good or Bad?, Right or Wrong?, Beneficial or Redundant?, Democratic or Utopian?, Significant or just a Desire?" My questions are endless.
As an immigrant, a life of constant-moving is like a nomadic life where the "roof above my head" is always changing. Isolation of humankind and liberation of thoughts are my concerns, and only to detach ourselves from desires, can one understands enough to find truth and meaning of our very own nature and our roles performed in this lifetime.
The Performance idea is centralized within a created zone as a set of system rules surrounding its existence. Where ‘Zone' explained any area distinguished in some way from those around it. ‘System' can be explained as a set of things or ideas working together as a whole; an orderly method of classification, procedure; the theory or practice of religion, government; the political or social order, seen as oppressive or to free yourself of a desire or anxiety. The duality of physical working & living conditions particularly dealing with the entire notion of systematic procedures in my working environment, at the same time detaching from it, has a mental effect on my daily life. As if, two distinct elements act in such close proximity that they cannot be distinguished, except with precise measurements, eg. the high and low pressure areas in atmospheric and climate patterns of the clouds or the barrier between fresh and salt water of the ocean or Life and death, mind and matter, space and time, subsistent forms and spaciotemporal objects, subjective ideas and objective reality, good and evil, yin and yang, the list is endless."