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    LA 14



Art is and can be a tool that raises our awareness. Not only about ourselves and others, but about society as a whole. Art has an educational quality. It is of course not its purpose. But from it we can learn to see things, actions and people, from different perspectives in a new way. Art can of course be reactionary, express a closed mind, but it can also make us question our own ideas and certainties, our praxis. When it is like this art can develop an understanding between people, cultures and nations and even serve as a bridge between what only appears to be opposites. Manifesting a non-dualism.

It is no coincidence that this years 14th edition of Live Action is launched on the Swedish National Day. We wanted to celebrate it through a cavalcade of thought provoking pieces made by artists from all over the world. To showcase another idea of our small nation, more contemporary and more with its times. Closer to theinternationalism of the internet and its global village, than to the nationalromantic idea of closed borders. An idea which in practice usually ends in a sieg heil and only a domestica vacation.

Live Action or Love Action as we have also been called takes place (evening program) this year like last year at 3e Våningen with its friendly people and open and exquisite black and white box space. Entrance at Live Action is free, and has always been since our start in 2006. This is because we do cherish the idea of cultural democracy. 

This notion is a founding principle of the festival and manifests itself in our afternoon program Common Ground which takes place outdoors in the city centre of Gothenburg at Stadsbiblioteket (Friday June 7) and Brunnsparken (Saturday June 8).

Welcome !!