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    LA 13


LA 13

We are pleased to present the 13th edition of one of Europe’s leading international performance art events, Live Action. The first strand of this 13th edition will take place in Gothenburg from June 14 to June 16 2018 showcasing 10 extraordinary artists from besides Sweden also Indonesia, Finland, France, the United States, the United Kingdom and Bielorussia.

Like every year Live Action features an afternoon program Common Ground which takes place outdoors in the city centre of Gothenburg at Stadsbiblioteket and Brunnsparken. In the evenings Live Action will be at 3e Våningen with its exquisite black box and white box space.

This years curatorial theme is ”United” in reference to the upcoming general elections on September 9 2018. It is a symbolic theme calling upon everyone to defend the values of democracy which today are under attack : freedom, equality, brotherhood, humanity, respect, tolerance and solidarity. Values that further characterizes performance art and not the least the different artists invited to take part in Live Action.

Each year Live Action's objective is to present  a gender equal prograem, a line-up of high quality, showcasing artists from all over the world, while simultaneously investigating new ways of presenting contemporary art outside of the institution. Besides our evening program at 3e Våningen, Live Action transforms public space into an arena of intuitive imagination. Changing our ordinary common ground through an intrusion of the unexpected and the unknown. This years adventure of the body and the soul is brought to us by artists from 7 different countries besides Sweden also Indonesia, Finland, the United States, France, the United Kingdom and Bielorussia. Welcome to experience something not only different, but beyond ! Welcome to Live Action 13.

Klas Eriksson. Who Are Ya ?!. 2011. Gothenburg International

Biennela of Contemporary Art. Photo : Dorota Lukianska.