Bjørn VENØ


Bjorn VENO, Norway/UK

Lives and works in London, United Kingdom.

Bjørn Venø is interested in how the artist, or the licensed fool, is an integral part of society and culture. The licensed fool unlike the natural fool is a a character that stands between normality and insanity, someone who goes beyond the confines of our paradigm to seek an alternative perspective for which he brings back ideas or knowledge that he translates for the consumption of people.

Venø works with photography, video and performance, he studied at Royal College of Art, was featured as one of the best new artists in Britain by The Observer. He recently completed a residency in Boston at Emmanuel College and participated at Guangzhou Live 4 as well as the exhibition DigitaLive in Kanton. He also teaches institutions on how to be fools.

Bjorn Veno. Licensed Fool. Guangzhou Live 4. November 2013. © Ou Zhihang.