Joakim STAMPE, Sweden

Born in 1959, lives and works in Gothenburg

Joakim Stampe has become know internationally within performane and street art and is regularly invited to festivals and art events all over the world, from Korea, France, China, Japan, Taiwan, Mexico to Norway, Finland, and many other countries. In his work he has fusioned the ephemeral with the art object, painting with performnace and matter like water, fire, yes even air and stone. Inspired by Gaston Bachelards' theories on the poetry of matter Stampe creates work that constantly surprises in their fantasy and artistic expression. He has furthemore developed a concept on the action of giving as art. The notion of giving away art objects for free is quite controversial in a society dominated by a hysterical consumtion. in which even the idea of artistic creation and its value has been reduced to that of simple wage labor.

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Joakim Stampe. Live Art Strömstad. 2014.