Liping HE


Liping HE, China



Born in Yilong (Sichuan province) in 1982, lives and works in Chengdu.

He Liping is with no doubt one of Chinas most interesting emergent artists in the field of action art. He graduated from the Chengdu Institute of Fine Art, where he studied at the Fine Arts Sculpture Department from 2002 to 2007. He has since then participated in a number of action art festivals and events in China and has developed his own personal expression based on a particular conception of presence and space.

His work is conceptual yet physical, treating subject matters that engages the audience in works like Drawing a Cake Allows You to Be Hungry or Heaven and Men Are One, Reaching the Same Goal by Different Routes.  Working with his own conception of body and mind in time, He Liping has developed an important body of work where the personal and the social join eachother to express human vulnerability as well as solidarity and togetherness as qualities that unites us as being.

LIVE ACTION is proud to present the work of Liping HE for the first time in Europe.


2005/04 Continue Guessing Perfrommance Art Exhibition,Chengdu Academy of Fine Arts,Chengdu.

2012. Guangzhou Live 3 - international performance art festival. YouYou Contemporary Art Centre.

2008. Construction before Destruction,Shifo Performance Art Show. (Zhengzhou,China).

2007 National Colleges and Universities Outstanding Graduates Sculpture Exhibition, Qinghuayuan,Beijing,China; O Action, Performance Project, Family M Commune, Chongqing, China.Chinese Performance Photography:@41,Inter Art Centre,798 Factory,Beijing,China. Grain Rain Xi’an+ Beijing + Chengdu Performance Art Exhibition. 2006, Chengdu, Yong Generation, Macao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ox Warehouse, Macao.The Third Farmer Street Contemporary Annual Art Exhibition, Chengdu Institute of Fine Arts. Performance Art 2006 Chine Tour(Chengdu stop). 2005,Macao Internationl Performance Art Festival, Ox Warehouse, Macao, â?©â?©Performanceâ?©â?©, Macao Contemporary Art Exhibition, Ox Warehouse,Macao.The Sixth Open Internatiional Perfrommance Art Festival, Tianyi village, Chengdu, The Third Road Live Performance Festival,Taihu Art Space, Beijing. Curator and participating artist with @41, Chengdu. Continue Guessing Performance Art Exhibition, Chengdu Institute of Fine Arts, Chengdu. 2004,Ten Red Bricks Contemporary Art Exhibition, Blue Space Gallery, Chengdu.The Second Farmers Street Contemporary Art Exhibition, Chengdu Art Museum. Mid-Autumn Festival Event Performance Exhibition,at the crossroad of Farmers Street, Chengdu, China.2003,The First Farmers Street Contemporary Annual Art Exhibition, storehouse in Farmers Street,Chengdu.Construction of Object Image Contemporary Art Exhibition,Chengdu Academy of painting, Chengdu, China. Experiences of the Old Liberated Areas Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zhude Memorial, Yilong, Sichuan,China.

Liping HE. China. Station 1-7. Guangzhou Live 3. December 2012. © Guangzhou Live and the artist.