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    Guadalupe NEVES, Argentina


Guadalupe NEVES, Argentina


Lives and works in Buenos-Aires.

What is time? Are we only time? Is there something that continues after time passes? Does memory conserve time? Does time become damaged as it goes by? -  Guadalupe Neves

Guadalupe Neves is a multimedia artist and performer with a background in Philosophy and Arts. She has presented her work in festivals in Mexico, Chile, Finland, Japan, Italy, France, Uruguay and Argentina. As an organizer, she organized international performance festivals including In Transit (En tránsito) in the Japanese- Argentine Performance Exchange, and Mutaciones, Tribute to Portillos.

Guadalupe Neves was born in Paraná (Entre Ríos, Argentina) in 1963. Multimedia artist and performer. She studied Philosophy at the Faculty of Philosophy and Literature, University of Buenos Aires, and got her degree in Arts at the Manuel Belgrano School and Prilidiano Pueyrredon Art School

In 2003, she completed her Bachelor´s degree in Arts at the National University Institute of Arts (IUNA). She holds a position as an associate professor in the department of Visual Language V to VII in the career of Visual Arts at IUNA and Morphology II of the career of Graphic Design at the Faculty of Architecture, Design and Urbanism, University of Buenos Aires.

As a tenured professor, she teaches Sonovisual Structures I and II in the Bachelor of Electronic Arts of the National University of Tres de Febrero and of Twentieth Century Art of Latest Trends in Contemporary Art and Contemporary Aesthetic II in the careers of Visual Arts and Art History at the University of Museo Social Argentino.

In 1990 she started her activity as a performer and in 1992 she was a co-founder of Almarmada group and  became a member of it (1990-2000). Together with this group she has carried out performances in galleries and museums in Argentina and Mexico. Since 2000, she has been investigating on her own.

LIVE ACTION presents the work of Guadalupe Neves for the first time in Sweden.

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