Anne ROCHAT, Switzerland

Lives and works in Geneva.

Anne Rochat positions the human body at the centre of her artistic work, a body flexible and strong, subtle and athletic, wild and acrobatic. Her postures are incongruous and a little absurd and lead her into offbeat situations, she expresses herself with forbidden gestures we can only dream of engaging in ourselves. The artist takes her position through actions both sensual and powerful, mellow and savage, disturbing, sometimes funny and always informed by rigouruous aesthetic discipline. Spectacular without being a spectacle, the live art performances of Anne Rochat invite us to marvel.

Anne Rochat was born in 1982 in Vallée de Joux, Switzerland. Prior to her studies at Ecole cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL), she travelled widely in Asia, In 2011-2012, she took up an art residence in Varanasi. India, followed by a year long stint at the Swiss Institute in Rome (ISR). She has been awarded many notable prizes including Prix Irène Reymond(2013), Prix Kiefer Hablitzel (2012), Bourse culturelle du Canton de Vaud (2011), Bourse culturelle de la Fondation Leenaards (2010), Swiss Awards, Art Basel (2010).

Anne Rochat has created a unique work specifically for Live Time which she will present on September 1-2 2016 in Gothenburg and on September 3 in Skövde.

Anne Rochat. Guangzhou Live 5. Canton. 2014.