Manuela CENTRONE, Italy


Born in 1980 in Molfetta in the south of Italy, lives and works in Paris.

Manuela Centrone graduated from the Venice Academy of Fine Art in 2004 and was until 2008 primarily  active as a painter.

In 2009 Ms. Centrone began to work in the field of performance art and started also to study art therapy which she today practices actively in organising workshops for youth and children.

As she states, being active in the field of performance art “is a way to explore my work from its interior and to let the public approach my work in a different way. At the experience of the eyes, I substitute the experience of the body, of the touch. The aim of my work is to create connections between me, my works and viewers and to explore the relationship between the inside and the outside of the human body."


Manuela Centrone. Infr'Action Sète. 2010. © Infr'Action.