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    Denis ROMANOVSKI, Sweden/Bielorussia


Denis ROMANOVSKI, Sweden/Bielorussia

Born 1970. Lives and works in Gothenburg. 

"Start with a smile, then a handshake. Mark the horizon line of each person in the room. Is it colorful? It has nothing to do with color. 

Make a concert of expectations, hopes, insurances and risks. Give a flower. Flowers fly from hands to hands like missiles: Hello, we met. 

People generally trust each other and mistrust strangers. Strangers generally mistrust performance art. People meet and stop being strangers. To dance with strangers, That’s OK. 

I raise value, I sell, I bid, I raise value again. A golden touch. The more I touch the higher the price, like a handle of bronze, polished golden by contact with hands. The more you like, the more you like. Let’s vote for a shared taste. 

Hit one nail with twelve hammers at once. Remember that in the past you also had the right to the future that you have now. The winner gains in satisfaction, while the loser gains in honor. Escape from a not burning building with a book. Read it aloud. Give someone on the street shelter from the dark.

Text based on excerpts from performances 2000-2017: Handshake, Horizons, Concert For the Flowers, Take Care, That’s OK Manifesto, I Augment, Facebook Opera, Russian Salad, Random Argumentation, Futureview, Mass Duel, Escape, Light Shelter and others.

Denis Romanovski. 2017. photo : Joachim Axelson.