EKTA, Sweden


Born in 1978, lives and works in Gothenburg.

Ekta moved to London in 1997 and spent nine years there working and studying. He then moved to Gothenburg / Sweden in 2005 and started ORO which is a non-profit gallery that also functions as a studio.

In 2009 & 2010 Ekta exhibited in countries such as Spain / Denmark / Italy / Germany and Sweden. Other than working on exhibtions Ekta paints murals and also works in performance art.


Artist statement:

- People are used with an unhuman perfection and I believe that beauty lies in the small unavoidable faults which appears when one seeks this perfection with the hand, the lines can never be complete straight and the colour never completely plane. I prefer to paint outdoors, because of the paints ephemeral quality. Sometimes it is gone already the next day, in other cases it is left there for years although being broken down little by little by rain and wind as to disappear completely in the end.