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This year we are very pleased to have achieved program with outstanding artists coming from Portugal, Canada, Bulgaria, Taiwan, Ireland, Hungary, the United Kingdom, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Spain, China and for Live Action a new country, Turkey. Most are well known on the international scene of performance art. while some are less known. But for reasons that has nothing to do with their artistic talent, like for instance the two chinese artists Dong Jinling from Beijing and Liu Wei from Chengdu.

If Live Action sets out to be an event where even the most knowledgable professional should be able to discover new talents, it is because we see the festival as an event which not only showcases outstanding performance art, but also gives the possibility of international exposure to artists who have not yet received the attention they deserve. It is not fair to highlight any artists over any other, instead we will let you explore the artists on the website which of course is nothing compared to experiencing their work live.

Nevertheless, we must mention that we are very honoured to have an artist like Erdem Gündüz from Turkey with us. Not because he achieved international attention for the art work, Standing Man, he did on Taksim square in Istanbul during the revolt in June 2013, but because of the ingenuousity and simplicity of that work. A work which theoretically and in practice bridged the gap between art and life, engagement in society’s development, of politics and artistic creation, and became an example for others to follow...

Jinling DONG, China. Construction. Guangzhou Live 4. November 2013. Photo credit : Ou Zhihang.