Benedikte ESPERI


Benedikte ESPERI, Sweden

Lives and works in Gothenburg.

Benedikte Esperi is a Contemporary Performative Artist using her body as a tool to expose and reveal structural violence and oppressed bodies in our society, both in a national and in an international context.

"My artistic intention and the instant moment composes an endless mass of bricolages through an embodied practice and a multitude of medias."

every movement
comes from somewhere
and then continues into next

there is no beginning and no ending

every movement can tell us something
it can be used in many different ways
and carry its own narrative


time space and body
those are my key words

In my artistic practice and research there´s an attempt to capture the instant moment and the essentials of a present through choreography and camcorder

Benedikte Esperi. OUT OF SITE 1:5. Photo : Ida Löfgren