Joakim Stampe, Sweden

Born in 1959, living and working in Gothenburg

Joakim Stampe is an artist and project manager for Live Action Gothenburg. Stampe has been working as an artist in nearly 25 years. In recent years he has increasingly begun to operate in performance art area and took part in festivals in Poland, Finland, France and Italy. His art often talk about various social phenomenon. With a philosophical critical attitude he gives the viewer a picture of the world around us. Whether it's topics as for example the murder of Olof Palme, George Bush's' "war against terrorism", the Swedish Welfare State decay and neo-liberalisation, the religion's narcotic effects, etc. The work of Joakim Stampe consistently with motives from our contemporary history. His performances are not often sound, with the motion, and appears most often in highly visual. Three years ago he initiated the Live Action Gothenburg and since then appears to play an active role to performance scene proliferation and development in the arts field of Sweden.