Anna KALWAJTYS, Poland


Lives and  in Gda??sk, Poland.

Anna Kalwajtys graduated from the Academies of Fine Arts in Gda??sk and Pozna??. While her main objective is ephemeral art, other fields of her activities are video-performance and object-installation art. Kalwajtys is also engaged in interdisciplinary and curatorial projects in the field of performative arts. Recent projects are Antropo-performance at the Institute of Ethnology and Cultural Anthropology in ?ód?º and Urban Transitions International Conference at the Economical University in Pozna??. Kalwajtys uses provocation which enables her to illustrate existential situations of liminality.

She states that "performance art questions certain aspects of the human condition in contemporary culture and the meaning of these factors in the construction of identity and of social transgression. I focus on the limitations of humanity by investigating the topics of social cannibalism, mutual social elimination, the exclusion of weaker individuals, repression, and isolation". 

LIVE ACTION showcases Anna Kalwajtys work for the first time in Sweden.

Anna Kalwajtys. Poland. Freeing the Mind. 7a*11d - International Festival of Performance Art. Toronto, Canada. 2012.