The theme of this 18th edition of Live Action is Fragility, characterizing a time in the shadow of war, migration, inflation, recession, extremism and geo-economic change.

This new fragility which recently has installed itself finds also its articulation in a new intransigent authoritarianism. What just a couple of years ago seemed to be impossible, is today a real possibility. In this situation art and culture plays an essential role in keeping society together, in bridging its mind and soul, sustaining an awareness of ethics, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, opposing all authoritarian actions to suppress and censor opinions that does not conform. To value an opposing opinion as a flower, that gives your own arguments depth and resonance, as not to fall in the easy mind-trap of condemnation and hate.

A civilized nation is one which sustains diversity, that support arts and culture which lets it thrive, that gives its citizens access to its various manifestations, from the mainstream to the experimental. Live Action belongs to the latter category, in giving the citizens free access to cutting-edge performance art from around the world. It’s form of accessibility is utopian to its nature, yet is a model in how art by placing itself on the streets and squares of public space, opens up art to a true visibility, that engages the imagination of everyone, and in particular those who never enters an art gallery or a museum. What is actually at stake in this common fragility is the nation’s soul which simply will disappear if we don’t give it air and freedom to breath. If we don’t trigger it with imagination and critical thought, and of course, of personal empowerment and self-esteem. These are in the broader perspective the objectives of Live Action, to give and educate, to open minds and embody a cultural model of art with a distinct function in society, but also of meaning and personal empowerment, as a means for individual advancement.