Peter Rosvik


Peter Rosvik, Finland


Born in 1968, lives and works in Vaasa.

Rosvik is a visual artist, born in Vaasa, Finland, raised in Sweden and since his teens living in western Finland. In his work Rosvik has always been interested in exploring other cultural representations and identities than national or language-bounds.

Alternative cultural expressions and underground culture has offered him expressions of otherness to the same extent as the visual arts arena. This is sometimes evident in his art expressions, and is often by audience translated to a political theme. Rosvik describes: “The background to my art productions can partly be interpreted through the experiences I had when I came to Finland. Here I was named "rantahurri", which for me appeared as a paraphrase for “finnjävel” in Sweden. These expressions performed cultural identities I couldn’t recognize.”

Rosvik deals with exploration of aesthetic sharpness and quality, varieties of artistic skills and expression, the tension between the stable and mobile, the ugly and beautiful, the familiar and the unexpected. As he himself puts it: “Really it’s a life perspective, an expression of what it means to be human.”


Peter Rosvik. Infr'Action Sète. September 2010. © Peter Rosvik.