LIVE ACTION 18's programme is divided into a part that takes place in public space, among the citizens, during three afternoons, which we call Common Ground. This is a pillar of Live Action as one of our central aims is to promote a cultural democracy that gives all citizens, regardless of social background or origin, the opportunity to see contemporary art in its most experimental form.

The second part of Live Action's programme will take place indoors at the art institution 3e Våningen, which in addition to its art exhibitions is known as one of Sweden's leading venues for contemporary dance, inspired by one of its founders Gun Lund. Live Action and its artists have thus access to both a white box and a black box, which means that the artists can choose the space they prefer. This freedom of choice is extremely important as it is, after all, the artists who produce the content for the festival, who give it its form and content and artistic articulation.