Mauritz TISTELÖ, Sweden

Born 1967 in Umeå. Lives and work in Gothenburg

"I do live poetry. With small actions in public spaces I create poems, often absurd, with serious humor. In the unsafe space that the small action create can everything happens. The person you never seen before will ask you for a hug, so are the butterflies carrying more sky than a neutron bomb. In this way my poetry performance art is very optimistic. A small action can everyone do every day. It just need to be imagined, and done, then the grass already have moved the truck". Artist Statement to Live Action 15.

Mauritz Tistelö is a poetry performance artist. He is working in the space where the fysical act and the spoken word meets. When the spoken word and the body act don´t fit into each other, or don´t fit into the known image or the social context, this form of living poetry that Mauritz call poetryperfomance creates. "I´m interesting in when you say something and do another thing, I see it as a way to escape the present code or a posibility to change the so called real situation." Mauritz often involves other people in his work. It´s sursprising, political, painful poetry whit daily life humor. Mauritz is organizer of Absurd Festival for poetryperformance in Gothenburg and a member of the performance group Ahoi.

Tistelö graduated in Free Art from the Academy of Valand Gothenburg, and has been following education at the Biskops-Arnö writers school. He has been participating in art exibitions, spoken word festivals, poetry and performance festivals in many places in Sweden, as well as in Finland.

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