Jinling DONG


Jinling DONG, China

Born in 1986 in Jiangsu Province. Lives and works in Beijing.

”Apart from my father's autocracy, there has always been an aura of despair about my individual and family life. My social experiences when I became young adult augmented my dislike of power and violence. This power and violence may be sex, personal, family, also may be the state, the ethnic, religious.”

Jinling Dong graduated in 2008 from the Arts Department of Yunnan University. A multi-disciplinary artist Jinling Dong works with photography, video and performance art. As a true conceptual artist she evokes through simple actions and installations a poetry that goes beyond what we actually see. She reaches out to our imagination through metaphors that all of us can comprehend. Whether it is an over dimensioned chair that she paints in black in an empty farmland, or the simple action of hitting a 3 meter long bamboo stick into the ground until it is shattered in pieces... Dong Jinling is clearly one of the most interesting younger artists in China today.

In 2012 her photographic work She Paints a Chair was selected for the exhibition Inward Gazes : Documentaries of Chinese Performance Art at the Macao Museum of Art. She has been participating in photo exhibitions and performance art festivals such as TORA TORA TORA: Chinese Cutting-Edge Photography Exhibition at the Three Shadows Photography Art Center in Beijing, at the  “Changsha" Live Art Festival in 2010 at the New Millennium Center For Contemporary Art, and in 2013 Guangzhou Live 4  and in 2013/14 the exhibition DigitaLive. both at the YouYou Contemporary Art Centre. She also partiipated in Nippon International Performance Art Festival in 2014. She participated in the 9th edition of Live Action in 2014. She is represented by de Sarthe Gallery, Hong Kong and had her most recent soloshow at de Sarthe Gallery in Beijing in 2018.

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Jinling DONG. Construction. Guangzhou Live 4. © Ou Zhihang & Guangzhou Live.