Mauritz TISTELÖ, Sweden

Born 1967 in Umeå. Lives and work in Gothenburg

Mauritz Tistelö is a poetryperformance artist. He is working in the space where the fysical act and the spoken word meets. When the spoken word and the body act don´t fit into each other, or don´t fit into the known image or the social context, this form of living poetry that Mauritz call poetryperfomance creates. "I´m interesting in when you say something and do another thing, I see it as a way to escape the present code or a posibility to change the so called real situation."  Mauritz often involves other people in his work. It´s sursprising, political, painful poetry whit daily life humor. Mauritz is organizer of Absurd Festival for poetryperformance in Gothenburg and a member of the performance group Ahoi.
Tistelö graduated in Free Art from the Academy of Valand Gothenburg, and has been following education at the Biskops-Arnö writers school. He has been participating in art exibitions, spoken word festivals, poetry and performance festivals in many places in Sweden, as well as in Finland.