Loïc Connanski, France


Born in 1958, lives and works in Paris.

Having worked as a video artist since more than 17 years, Loïc Connanski is nevertheless quite difficult to classify on the contemporary art scene. He is also rather disturbing. His method of working is one of derision. Connanski's technique of auto-filming is close to that of Nelson Sullivan, the New York based video artist. He is the anti-thesis of the political correct in that he always says what he thinks, quite directly.

Connanski is further as he states himself an "ego hunter", hunting the egos of the art world, questiong their praxis, the basics of their creation. He is an intellectual who works with the negation of the intellectual discourse. Recently he started to work in performance art, although one also can see his video work as performances in front of a camera and then broadcasted on French national television. He has a corrosive humour where the pre-dominating quality is his love for language. His preferred target is television, and official speech, around which he procedes with a complete demontage of appearances or as he calls it, the "labyrinth of illusions".

Loïc Connanski. Guangzhou Live 2010.