Wen Yau


Wen Yau, Hong Kong


Live and works in Hong Kong.

As a cross-media artist, researcher, curator and writer, Wen Yau has been concentrating on performance/live art and time-based media in the last few years. Her works often grapple with⁣ the cultural difference and intimacy in public space.

Recent projects include Seeing is Existing (pinhole photographic series, 2008-), Civil Left/Right (video & performance, 2007-), TengSeWong/Voice-Writer series (media & live art, 2005-), I pledge (not) guilt (live art, 2004-05), etc. Her work has been shown in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China (Beijing, Chengdu, Xi'an & Guangzhou), Taiwan, Japan, Philippines, Sweden, Bolivia, New Zealand, etc. She is also actively engaged in various creative and arts educational projects and curated "Talkover/Handover" (Hong Kong, 2007), "i-D Generations–Living Art Expo" (Hong Kong, 2005) and "LIVE+MAY" (Hong Kong, 2003). Currently she works as Researcher for Hong Kong at the Asia Art Archive and contributes to various newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong and Asia. 

Wen Yau. Voice Writer Series. We are cantonese. Guangzhou Live 2010. Photo credit : Luo Ming.