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    Paco Nogales, Spain


Paco Nogales, Spain


Born 1961, lives and works in Madrid

It was not until becoming 40 years old that I chosed performance art as a means to express myself. This choice was due to the fact that it allowed me, on the one hand, to harmoniously combine the diverse experiences in the expressive art-techniques embraced by me so far (poetry, dance, pantomime, painting...), and, on the other hand, to open new channels of expression and personal growth.

My work focus on the human beings suffering - triggered by the mere fact of being alive- and the cultural strategies that we have developed  in order to transcend it. I explore, from a poetic perspective, the suffering inherent to life and the solutions that we, as a species, have found in order to understand it and transform it into comprehension and awareness. I believe, and this is my purpose too, that the rituals I develop have an impact on the inner feelings of the people who witness them, under the same empathic mechanism that my biting a lemon in front of them, for instance, would result in their immediate salivating.

Paco Nogales. Golden Thread. ARCO Artfair. Madrid. 2011. Photo credit Isabel Leon.