Live Action + is realized for the third consecutive year, and this time in conjunciton with the Artyear of Lidköping 2011. LA+ celebrates this with a high degree of innovation. In the two precedent editions we presented performance art to the citizens in public space. Now LA+ takes this initiative to promote its approach of proximity to the general public a step further by organising an experimental workshop among the citizens, here and now, on the street.

The citizens are as such engaged directly in a learning that takes place in our common public space. Lifelong learning and cultural democracty can not get closer to the citizens than this. LA+ streches the limits of the possible giving the citizens a taste of what and how a performance art is created; a way of learning that never ends. To make this possible some major international artists and teachers in performance art has been invited.

One of them is Marilyn Arsem head of the performance art department at the renowned School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston Another is the internationally acclaimed artist and feminist He Chengyao from Beijing, China. Besides these two major figures in international performances, the workshops at LA+ will be conducnted by the German teacher and artist, BBB Johannes Deimling from Berlin who for the last ten years have developed specific workshops in the field. But of course LA+ will also showcase a workshop by Swedish artists, which this year will be led by Joakim Stampe och Gustaf Broms.

Marilyn Arsem. U.S. Domestic Policy II. Live Action New York. 2010. Photo credit : Denis Romanovski.