Lee Wen, Singapore

Born in 1957, lives and works in Tokyo and Singapore.

Lee's installations and performances often expose and question the ideologies and value systems of individuals as well as social structures. working into different environments, countries and testing shifting contexts. Lee Wen's work attempts to combine Southeast Asian contexts with international currents in contemporary art.

He continues to be active and involved with the new generation in collaborations, network, and discourse. He sees art as cultural action for liberation and social change.
He is an Associate Artist with the Substation and an Honorary member of the Artists Village. Since 2000, he has been participating with Black Market International, the legendary international performance art collective.

In 2003 Lee started to organize "The Future of Imagination", an international performance art meeting which includes forum, documentation and presentation of performance art in Singapore. Lee was awarded the Cultural Medallion in 2005 in Singapore.
He has never been to Mongolia.

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Lee Wen. Almost untitled: dog man domestic. Primera Bienal Internacional  de Performance DEFORMES 2006. Museo de Arte Contemporáneo MAC Quinta Normal. 3 November 2006, Santiago Chile