Siu Lan Ko, China

Born 1977 in Xiamen, China, grew up in Hong Kong, lives and works in Paris.
She holds a Master in Sociology and worked as humanitarian worker on rural development in China until 2007.

Her works reflect on the physical, social and philosophical aspects of labour and perception, often using materials and actions from daily life.

Recent exhibitions.

12/09 Paris Beijing Photo Gallery, Beijing * Solo
10/09 City of Women, Ljubljana
10/09 Europalia, Brussels
09/09 Design New China, 798 Time Space, Beijing
08/09 Open Art Festival, Beijing
07/09 Hong Kong on the Move, Hong Kong
06/09 ENSBA, Paris
05/09 Live Action Gutenberg, Sweden
05/09 Infraction, Paris
05/09 from 54 to June Fourth, Jockey Club Creative Centre, Hong Kong
04/09 Performagia, Mexico City
02/09 La Salle College of Arts, Singapore

Siu Lan Ko. Wait time.