Hans T. Sternudd, Sweden

Born in 1955, lives and works in Lund.

i have seen
is an action by Hans T Sternudd reflecting questions of pain and communication. I have Seen is a ritual based on formal structures in technical and sacred texts. Binary codes and computer manuals mixed with religious narratives. Material is gathered from images of pain; wounded bodies, digital sounds from computer games and programs; sinus waves and white random processes mixed with the last breath of avatars and zombies.

I have Seen is reflecting pain as a communication break down. Pain is understood as constitutional ground for the subject. Pain is a costume - a protection shield - a body armor.

Images and video work by Hans T Sternudd, soundscape in collaboration with Johanna Rosenqvist/KOEFF
I have Seen had premiere at the 9th Open International Performance Art Festival, Beijing, October 2008.

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Hans T. Sternudd. I have seen. Haparanda 2008. Photo : Anna Lindkvist.