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Denis Romanovski, Belarus

Born in 1970 in Minsk, lives and works in Stockholm.

Education: Belarus State University - 1992, Belarus State Academy of Arts - 2001, Kungl.Konsthögskolan - 2006.    
Works as cross-disciplinary artist, and  art projects organizer. Mostly active in performance art and New Media art. Started to make performances and exhibition projects in 1996. He has participated in a large number of international festivals in Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Sweden, UK, Canada, USA, Vietnam, Thailand.

1999-2008 co-curator of international performance art festival Navinki in Belarus; Navinki-Weld performance meetings 2008 Stockholm.

Organizer and collaboration partner in number of projects related to New Media art: NetArt Meetings in Minsk - 2001,Tranzit_01.by -2001 Minsk, RAM7 Models of Collaboration- 2005 Minsk and others. Curated international exhibition "Phantom Expression" at GFZK Leipzig 2004. Recent exibition: Get Set 29/3 - 24/5 2009, Virserum Konstall, Sweden.

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