Chu Yia Chia, Malaysia


Born in 1970, lives and works in Singapore.

"The strength of using body as media and medium is its intensity and interactivity when connecting the work to the audience, either in physical or emotions in different levels. Body has it own right to choose, to react, to control, to be passive or to be active, when, where, and how.

I am focusing on difference state of minds in terms of psychological and mental well being in response to the crisis and current issues. Global warming and global inflation are the main issues where most people have to accommodate and suffering about. Prices of commodities increased causing riots and chaos in some third world countries as well as developing countries. Ignorance in using natural resources, political gaming and greed of humanity causing waste that has contributed to the varnishing of some resources and pollution to the environment, putting most lives in threat. The innocents are paying the price."

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Chu Yia Chia.The Green Goddess. Yogyakarta. Indonesia. 2007.