Nicola Frangione, Italy

 Born in 1953, living and working in Monza

Nicola Frangione's sound poetry and concerts are oriented towards what some artists define as "art dramaturgy". Gestures as a key form of expression are a distinguishing feature of his work. On the one hand, his vocality takes an active part in the performances of the body, playing the same role as the other linguistic elements; on the other, it stands out thoroughly, in a sound-focused dimension connected with both texts and music according to interdisciplinary approaches, harmonizing with the main orientation of "sound poetry", which is the name for half a century's practice and pragmatic observation.
In 1980 Nicola Frangione began some projects - the first was called "vocecevovoce" - based on the synergetic use of texts and music: these elements are not designed to provide "spectacularity" only; they support each other with a view to "revealing" voice, showing it "creatively", emphasizing sound and its significance. "Sound poetry" is involved, being the name for a sound-focused event understood as an art object, where texts, voice and music blend.
Therefore, in Nicola Frangione's sound poetry, technical specifications are extended and broken through. His work goes beyond art production. At the same time, you can find "comprehensive speech" in it, capable of telling about itself and being looked at, thus becoming synonymous with architecture, visual construction as well as sound and figurative echoes of poetic tension, to aim for broader horizons.