Saskia EDENS


Saskia Edens, Switzerland

Saskia Edens work involves many mediums : video, painting, molten metal, casting techniques, ceramics and performances, as well as the 4 elements. What prevails and underlies these different disciplines is energy, gesture, time and what allows changing aggregate states and consciousness states. Ice becomes water, metal solidifies, heat causes metamorphoses. Through ritual actions the magical dimension of the process is getting perceptible. Using experimental and archaic methods, she explores the essence of the living, which is reflected in the physical elementary, but also in the beginnings of cultural history. As a means of visualization, she takes up scientific methods and procedures of imaging, which transform the energy of the performative body into images. In many of Edens' works, the body energy is the catalyst for processes of transformation.

PHIve, is an action inside the pentagone, a search about the inside geometry of the nature, including human being. The Pentagramm, a magical sign, contains in itself the golden ratio in each of diagonal, angles, etc.. The numbers said through voice-over is the golden number and its infinite decimals : 1.61803398874989484820458683436563811772030917980576286213544862270526046281890244970720720418939113748475408807538689175212663386222353693179318006076672635443338908659593958290563832266131992829026788067520876689250171169620703222104321626954862629631361443814975………

Véronique Yersi

Saskia Edens

Saskia Edens. Guangzhou Live 4. Kanton, China. 2013.