Sara NABIL, Afghanistan/Germany

Born in 1994 in Kabul, lives and works in Frankfurt.

As an Afghan woman I have a deep feeling for my fellow Afghan women; therefore, most of my art work is focused on social and political issues, and positive change in women’s lives. Art is my weapon, it serves as a tool through which I fight against patriarchy, injustice, unfair politics and inequality. Art is a tool through which I can achieve my goal of making contributions to make societies adhere to gender equality, principles of open society, justice and fairness.” Sara Nabil

Sara Nabil works with installation, video and performance art, questioning the mechanisms of power, their structures and their consequences. She connects memories of her childhood in Afghanistan with her personal observations of current affairs. With the civil society, the artist takes these into the centre of attention that feel the effects of political decisions, and refers indirectly to the partially economic interests behind these decisions.

Sara Nabil finished high school in Kabul. Later, she also studied political science at one of Kabul universities until 2015.when she emigrated to Germany. After a year, she succeeded to enter one of the best German universities in the field of arts, which is her favorite field from the age of 14 to the present, and forms most of her activities.

Sara Nabil's activities began when she was just 14 years old, a girl spent her childhood under the shadow of war and extremist ideology and the darkest regime in the world, her teenage years under war and hoping for peace. This made Sara look for a way to express her words, which she first found in Art. In 2006, she started her art activities from the Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan. She has participated in more than 40-45 exhibitions both inside and outside Afghanistan. International exhibitions have also been exhibited in countries such as Germany, France, Norway, Spain, the United States, Italy, Nepal, India, and some other countries. Sara Nabil is a member of the Center for Contemporary Arts Afghanistan and a member of its advisory board. She is also one of the founders of the Women's Art Center in Afghanistan, the first and only Art center for Afghan Women.
In 2011, she was recognized as one of the pioneer women in field of arts by the Afghan Ministry of Women's Affairs and the “Khurasan Charity Foundation”. She is also one of the founders of “Shamama Gallery”. Shamama Gallery is the first Art gallery founded by a group of 4 women that was Established in 2014 in Afghanistan. Since 2015, she has been the Vice President of the Afghan Women Coordination nation association in Afghanistan and she has recently Established an organization called "like-minded women" with her two other women colleagues in Europe.

Most of Sara's human rights activities are in the field of women in Afghanistan and currently in Europe, which also includes her artworks .

Sara Nabil is an artist and activist for human rights, woman rights, refugee, and social activist.