Emelié STERNER, Sweden

Lives and works in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Emelié Sterner is a visual and performance artist and actress who works with performance, installation and performing arts. Her work has been presented in group exhibitions and on performing art stages, both nationally and internationally. Sterner holds a BFA in fine art at HDK-Valand. She has studied acting and fine art at preparatory schools and is a trained drama pedagogue. Since 2017 she runs the performative arts duo Slip of the Lip together with the dancer and choreographer Tanja Andersson in which they are focusing on collaborative and interdisciplinary processes. Her work often relate to questions around class/social and cultural capital/feminism/motherhood in relation to both private and public space. Sterner is currently interested in exploring the energy transfer between person and object. By investigating different forms of existence for the bodily presence in a work of art, thinking: Can the essence be retained after it has changed its form? Working with the relationship between the performative act and the material rest, question: How long can the bodily presence be reminded? What is not there is what echoes the most.

Emelié Sterner. Kvalitetstid. 2022.