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    Dan FRÖBERG, Sweden


Dan FRÖBERG, Sweden

Lives and works in Gothenburg

Artist and composer. Dan Fröberg has transmitted several exhibitions, performances, text-works and critically acclaimed records through the years. Three new vinyl lp's soon on the way, and also a book. He initiated 'The First Church Of The Holy In:Sect' in the year 2015, that is; 8.

Statement to thr work ( ) : "life is life is action is live action is action is live is life is action is life is take action and is take care is caring is life is action is care is beware is be aware is be here is be there is be everywhere is breathe in is act out is tune in is live on is breathe out is keep on is keep off is psych out is life is action is here is live is now is forever"

Co-live actionist: Cecilia Bergman Fröberg