Chuyia CHIA


Chuyia CHIA, Malaysia/Sweden

Born in 1970 in Malaysia, lives and works in Gothenburg

Chuyia Chia moved to Singapore in the late 1990s and is now based in Gothenburg. Her artistic training is originally painting, but her main artistic practice is now within the realm of performance and installation art.

Chuyia Chia's work pays particular attention to environmental responsibility, focusing on food and identity relationships and the communication between people. Her perspective is often how the body can express these contexts and communicate knowledge and emotions to the viewer. The question of sustainability on how performance art as an ephemeral art form can be presented and collected open new way of thinking to the artist. She combined art performance, handcraft, moving and still images continues her explorations in different art form with open mind. Her practice not limit as individual artist but as co-founder of a performance art collective ‘Communication Laboratory/ ComLab Sweden since 2010, initiates, organises and performs collectively in public space. So far she participated in festivals, exhibitions and arts activities in more than 35 countries in East Asia, Southeast Asia, Asia Pacific, the European countries, the Nordic Countries, Russia, the Baltic countries, North America, South America and Africa.

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Chuyia Chia. Times. Buenos Aires. 2014.