Mattias NORSTRÖM, Sweden

In Mattias Norström´s œuvre, nature, craftsmanship and popular culture often collide. He uses explicit symbols that are twisted in brutal or humble way. HIs firm and concrete treatment creates a poetic turn triggering the symbols with unexpected content. 

During the past years, Norström has deepened his investigation of the relationship between violence and romanticism. He work in various media such as sculpture, performance and installations. In his latest project, ”Du gamla, du fria” (”Thou Ancient, Thou Free”) raises questions on national identity. How can the national boundaries be understood in relation to global capitalism and its excavation of national politics? Who is inside, and consequently outside? As a Swedish born white male, Norström questions his own responsibility and identity in our society. 

Norström is born and raised in the Swedish country Dalarna, where he still lives and work part of the year, both as the founding director of the Gagnef konsthall Missionen and as the initiator of the festival Gagnef.


Mattias Norström. "Thou Old, Thou Free...". Gothenburg 2016.