The artists of the second strand of this 12 edition of Live Action joins us from different parts of the world. China, USA, Jamaica, Chile, Norway, Finland, Switzerland and of course Sweden. They are all very different artists, with varied forms of expression. But they do all in our eyes stand for what we do expect at Live Action, artistic quality, honesty and integrity. We do not state that we are proud to showcase a gender equal program, because we find it normal. Live Action is With the Times in the spriti of the theme of this years edition. As we write in our curatorial statement, we are democratic fundamentalists, democratic extremists, since we do take democracy and its values seriously. This is why we always have emphasized the street, our public space, as an arena in our event design. As a meeting place for art and life, with artists from different nations and culture, as a space where art comes closer to life, and life closer to art. It is a democratic challenge with a significant meaning. We cherish this cultural democracy, this common access, which disregards wallets and backgrounds, but shares emotions and thoughts in the form of avant-garde art