In its 11th edition Live Action continues its successful durational strand from last years 10th celebration, Live Time. Its conceptual yet human event design giving the audience time and possibility to come and go – and of course to return in a showcase of some of the most prominent artists in todays performance art. We have even extended Live Time to include three other cities in the region West of Sweden, Borås, Trollhättan and Skövde, as to give an even wider audience the possiblity to experience and explore these fine international artists.

If Live Time was developed to answer our critical question formulated as extended audience time, its intention was double. On the one hand to simplify people’s access to contemporary art’s most cutting-edge and free art form. But also to give the possibility to showcase one the most exciting formats in performance art : durational works. It is a fascinating and direct experience of artistic creation. Yet it also includes a third quality that is unique for the field, a moblity in public space. Three very different artists have been invited to create specific works, in an event design that we know will attract a professional as well as a non-initiated audience with none or little experience of contemporary art. Live Time gives not only physical access, but more important, access to an imagination.

This year again we are ready to answer the recurrent questions : what is he/she doing ? What does it mean ? The answer will, of course, be the same. Think by yourself, believe in yourself, in your own imagination. Empower your mind.