Live Global is an exhibition of more than 30 large format photographs that Live Action have produced for its 10th anniversary. It will be shown at the City Library from August 4 to August 16. It includes photos of the artists that Live Action's curator Jonas STAMPE have worked with since 11 years. Artists like Bill DRUMMOND, UK - HE Yunchang, China - XIAO Lu, China - Christian MESSIER, Canada - Erdem GÜNDUZ, Turkey - Alastair MACLENNAN, UK, Mauritz TISTELÖ, Sweden - Joakim STAMPE, Sweden - Ali AL-FATLAWI, Iraq/Switzerland - Wathiq AL-AMERI, Iraq/Switzerland - Marilyn ARSEM, USA - Gustav ÜTO, Romania - Chuyia CHIA, Malaysia/Sweden - HE Chengyao, China - John COURT, UK/Finland - Léa LE BRICOMTE, France - Lilibeth CUENCA RASMUSSEN, Denmark - Nigel ROLFE, Ireland - Maria COSMES, Spain - Pekka KAINULAINEN, Finland - Roi VAARA, Finland - Siu Lan KO, Hong Kong/China - Stein HENNINGSEN, Norway - Tanya MARS, Canada, Julien BLAINE, France - ZHU Ming, China - Boris NIESLONY, Germany - Esther FERRER, Spain - Yann MARUSSICH, Switzerland - Paul COUILLARD, Canada - Wladyslaw KAZMIERCZAK & Ewa RYBSKA, UK/Poland.

HE Yunchang. One Meter Democracy. Beijing. October 10 2010. © HE Yunchang.