Live Action continues with its much appreciated and popular simultaneous format Common Ground which expresses one of the fundamentals of the festival : to work for a true cultural democracy. Eight artists presents during two hours and two afternoons simultaneously their work in the public space at Kungstorget and Brunnsparken in downtown Gothenburg, nodes between the north-east suburbs, Hisingen and the city centre.

We do all use the public space everyday and it is an area to which we all have access. It is as such a highly democratic space which belongs to all citizens. A space which also suites the mobile and human qualities inherent in performance art. Something which Live Action has been taken up. Welcome to explore Common Ground at Kungstorget Friday September 4 and in Brunnsparken Saturday September 5 from 1 pm. to 3 pm. 

Tanya Mars, Canada. Guangzhou Live 4. Canton. 2013.