Siobhan MULLEN


Siobhán MULLEN, United Kingdom


Lives and works in Belfast.

Siobhán Mullen is an artist living in Northern Ireland, working in performance, digital video and
interactive installation. Her work explores the politics of identity through location, using the body as a
constructed site of dwelling. Conscious and unconscious actions are used to examine this theme in
terms of movement, an unfixing of origin that questions the authenticity and instability of “I” as a social

Mullen has exhibited and performed both locally and internationally. Past projects include work with
Bbeyond Belfast, Là-bas at Taidehalle, Kunsthalle/ The Museum of Comtemporary Art, Helsinki and
Infr’action, International Performance festival, Sete. She has also collaborated with musicians and
composers including Pulse-The Sound Source, Institute of Contemporary Art, London.

Her Digital work has been screened in the UK, France, Spain, Germany, Turkey, New Zealand and

Siobhan Mullen. Infr'Action Sète. 2006. © Infr'Action and the artist.