Hampus Pettersson


Hampus Pettersson, Sweden


 Hampus Petterssons work is focused on giving artistic expression to a variety of interactive processes, all of which can be of use in creating a sense of subjectivity. He examines the everyday structures and systems which surround us and create the frameworks which guide our experience of existance. This can be expressed as a continuous, dynamic process which has no end and where reality is constantly being recreated. Living constellations of impressions, emotions, thoughts, drives and memories which are all mediated through oneanother. Where the generation of meaning and a feeling of intentionality both contribute to the creation of narrative weaves which span over time and space. For the LiveArt festival Hampus will be organising a series of walks where different strategies will be used to find new ways of navigating through, and relating to, the urban environment.

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Hampus Pettersson. © Hampus Pettersson.