Since its start in 2006 Live Action has showcased some of the most experimental, daring and articulate performance artists from around the world. More than 160 artists from over 40 countries have participated in the festival since its beginning.

It should be stated that Live Action’s principal selective criteria is artistic quality only, and this years edition is no exception. Through its diverse artistic content, an interested audience and an ability to attract the most influential international artists, Live Action has developed a profile that sets its mark.We also firmly believe in the importance of equality which is why, for many years, now presents a 50/50 gender equal program.

This years edition is characterized by an empowering group of artist of different generations and backgrounds and different parts of the world, from Argentina, China, Finland, France, Norway, Ireland, Lithuania, Poland, Sweden and Switzerland. The artists gathered here is a showcase of the diversity and the strength of todays performance art. Moreover, they do all represent different aesthetic setpoints, articulating themselves in very distinct ways. It is as such both an honour and a privilege to have them gathered here in Gothenburg and the West of Sweden, as a showcase of the prolific internationalism of the city and the region, an internationalism which we still believe is a pre-requisite for any attempt to develop contemporary art as a human articulation