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    GREBNELLAW, Sverige



Grebnellaw is an imaginary population that comes to life through the elemental magic of sounds in electronic music performances¨ as well as out in public spaces in ad hoc ‘tableaux vivants’. Grebnellaw is the cosmic seed sown in early spring that brings to life new beings, forms, plants, animals, and humans. It’s an ongoing creative process that uses  pop music, visual art and performative elements to address contemporary issues. It also acts as a liberating force from social pressure and prejudice with ad-hoc performances that happen in the moment. The performances are site-specific, uses the “three-minute-pop song” format and a red and white color code to communicate an easily recognizable style. 

With a special version for Live Action 14, Grebnellaw will activate themselves in a musical environment in which a stream of consciousness will take place in a frantic hyper-room with strobe lights, inflatables and live vocals.

Surrounded by the audience, an endless process of dissecting and meticulously reassembling identities will create diversity from the binary and explore fluid modes of existence. Reaching for subatomic landscapes, unseen fields of nonlocality, and quantum interfaces will serve as a blank canvas for investigating a place of growth, self-repair and rest from digital loneliness.